Tuesday 21 February 2023

North Sydney St Leonards Ward - Distribution of Preferences - Count Index

Last Updated On 21/02/2023 10:05

Candidates to be Elected: 5

Counts Required: 32

Quota: 3,091

The margin between the last elected candidate LEPOURIS John and the last un-elected/excluded candidate ANTONINI Nicole is 691.

Count Description Candidates Elected
001 First Preference SPENCELEY James
SANTER Godfrey
002 Distribution of BAKER Zoe's preferences
003 Distribution of SANTER Godfrey's preferences
004 Distribution of SPENCELEY James's preferences
005 Exclusion of EMERY Richard's preferences
006 Exclusion of STAPLETON Christopher's preferences
007 Exclusion of MOLYNEUX John's preferences
008 Exclusion of WYATT Wade's preferences
009 Exclusion of HERTZ Michelle's preferences
010 Exclusion of MARCHANDEAU Veronique's preferences
011 Exclusion of GALITSKY Serge's preferences
012 Exclusion of CARR Efi's preferences
013 Exclusion of DAVIDSON Diana's preferences
014 Exclusion of ADAMS George's preferences
015 Exclusion of KATZ Angelina's preferences
016 Exclusion of CUI Ying (Anne)'s preferences
017 Exclusion of McGRATH Sally's preferences
018 Exclusion of FRASER Tracy's preferences
019 Exclusion of HOLMES Ruth's preferences
020 Exclusion of RYVES Louise's preferences
021 Exclusion of COGGAN Gillian's preferences
022 Exclusion of HOLDING Chris's preferences
023 Exclusion of GOTH Alex's preferences
024 Exclusion of WOLFE Mark's preferences
025 Exclusion of KWON Jennifer's preferences
026 Exclusion of OH Hana's preferences
027 Exclusion of CARR Tony's preferences
028 Exclusion of LAMONT Stacey's preferences
029 Exclusion of WHITFORD Daniel's preferences
030 Exclusion of COUSENS Sally's preferences
031 Exclusion of BARBOUR Stephen's preferences
032 Exclusion of KEEN Jessica's preferences BOURKE William*

Candidate(s) marked with an asterisk were elected without reaching quota.

Candidates elected at the same count are displayed in the order they appear on the ballot paper.